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Effective, safe demolition on residential, commercial and industrial sites call for specialist experience, skills and equipment.

Anthony Mchugh Demolition Ltd has all three - wide experience of full and part demolition within the tightest physical and time constraints, a fully trained workforce and the specialist equipment required for the most difficult or intricate work.

Anthony Mchugh Demolition Ltd’s service has three other important benefits - the flexibility offered by a round-the-clock demolition capability, a “green” attitude towards on site materials processing and and recycling and, most importantly, the benefit of high quality service at a competitive price.

With our unblemished safety record, you can afford peace of mind and confidence in the final result.

Services we offer include:

  • Asbestos removal
  • Refurbishment soft stripping
  • Demolition of all brick, concrete, steel and timber structures ranging from £1000 - £250,000 in value
  • Partial demolition and facade retention works
  • Emergency work on dangerous structures
  • On site crushing of concrete and brick
  • Site clearance and preparation

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Recent Projects
Micheldever WW2 Fuel Depot

The works involved demolishing all buildings onsite and 'bricking up' of all doorways to the main fuel bunker.

Healey Mills Rail Yard

Removal of 10km of rail track and sleepers. Removal of redundant fuel tanks. Removal of extensive licensable .

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We are commited to providing a top quality demolition service, planned and managed by our experienced team

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